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Long-distance board

Long distance board for panStamp. This carrier board amplifies (PA) the signal transmitted by the hosted panStamp module and improves its sensibility thanks to the integrated LNA.

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LD-Board (or Long Distance Board) is our most powerful radio machine. Relying on a CC1190 IC (by Texas Instruments), this carrier board amplifies the power transmitted by the hosted panStamp module 20 times and improves the sensitivity in the reception up to 6 dB.

With this carrier board several Kilometers can be achieved if there is a good line of sight.

This carrier board works only on the 863-928 MHz band. It does not work for 433 MHz.

According to most international/national regulations, this level of transmission power has to be taken under special care. You can not leave a node transmitting all the time at the maximum power for example. Moreover, in Europe this module should be shielded in some way if you plan to used it in a certified network. Simply understand that LD-board is a prototyping board and that it does not intend to become an end-device.

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