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panStick 4.0

USB carrier board compatible with panStamp NRG 2 and AVR 2 (current versions) . Use this board to program panStamps serially and provide RF connectivity to any computer

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panStick is a special USB-UART gateway designed for panStamp 2. It provides the necessary footprint to include a panStamp (NRG or AVR) and can also be used without a wireless module, by stacking or plugging under or onto other carrier boards. This gateway can be used as either a serial programmer and as a serial modem for wireless networks.

This version can program either panStamps AVR 2 and NRG 2. By setting the on-board selector to the suitable position, you will be able to put the panStick into one of these modes:

  • Left position (PR label): program and run applications on panStamp NRG 2. This position won't work when using the module serially from a serial terminal or as a modem, due to the special use of the RESET line (without a series capacitor).
  • Right position: program and run applications on AVR modules. This position can also be used to run NRG applications including serial applications (USB).


Pinout and ports

panStick 4 has the same pinout as the rest of mini-carrier boards. This means that panStick can be stacked under (or onto) other carrier boards, as far as only one of the carrier boards has a panStamp module assembled.

panStick 4.0 pinout

 Hardware specifications

  • Size: 1.0 x 2.2 in (25.4 x 55.8 mm)
  • Pin spacing: 0.1 in (2.54 mm)
  • USB/UART converter: FTDI FT231XS
  • Supported OS: Linux, MacOS and Windows


panStick as a serial modem

Apart from using panStick to program panStamps, it can be used as a serial interface to communicate with wireless networks from a serial terminal SWAPdmt, lagarto-swap, fhem or your custom software. In order to do this, you have to program your on-board panStamp with our "modem" sample application and place the manual switch on the right position (opposite to "PR"). You can read about our serial protocol and AT commands here.



  • Weight 40 g