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panStamp NRG 2

NRG 2 is our latest generation of panStamp. Providing more pins than ever, this small SMT module fits into any project requiring computing power, IO's and low-power wireless communication.

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panStamp NRG 2 is our first-class low-power wireless module. Specially designed for temeletry and control projects, NRG 2 is capable to communicate at hundreds of meters and last for years when powered from simple alcalyne batteries. The amount of input-output pins makes this module capable to connect to an endless list of sensors and actuators via binary, analog, I2C, SPI or UART ports.

panStamp NRG can be easily programmed from Arduino 1.6 IDE via USB or wirelessly from our open SWAPdmt tool. It contains a CC1101-compatible radio so panStamp NRG can communicate with your existing AVR nodes and applications.

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 panStamp NRG 2

Hardware specifications

  • Dimmensions:  0.63 x 0.86 in (16 x 22 mm)
  • MCU: CC430F5137 (MSP430 core + CC11XX radio SOC)
  • Speed: Programmable speed between 8MHz and 24MHz
  • Flash: 32KB
  • RAM: 4KB
  • Info memory: 512 bytes
  • Unique MAC address
  • Voltage range: from 2VDC to 3.6VDC
  • Rx current: 18 mA max
  • Tx current: 36 mA max
  • Sleep current: 1-2 uA
  • Maximum Tx power: +12 dBm
  • RF bands: 433/868/905/915/918 MHz ISM bands
  • Communication length: 200m in open spaces at 0dBm with pigtail antenna
  • 128-bit AES Security Encryption
  • On-board LED
  • Programmable via SBW, BSL and wirelessly (SWAP)



panStick (4.0) for panStamp 2 is planed to be released in September. In the meantime, NRG 2 can be programed by means of panStick 3.1 or any other USB-UART (3.3V) gateway with DTR and RTS lines available.

  • Width 0.63 in (16 mm)
  • Depth 0.86 in (22 mm)
  • Weight 15 g